..the motorcycle saga, continued.

The safety course lasted an entire weekend and three guesses who was the best student in the class? Max took to bikes like he’d been riding them his entire life. Alec wasn’t too bad either. I was the one who was afraid that I wouldn’t graduate.

  • ...go anywhere at 15

    Thankfully, we all passed and from that day forward we were a biker family. We got a bike for Alec too, and soon the three of us were riding around together. Best of all, Max finally had a way to get around all by himself. Now Max could ride his bike to Target, Walgreens, and his girlfriend, Mary’s house.

  • ...off to biker's night

    Bryan introduced the boys to Bike Night on Beale, something that they loved to do. When Max became too weak to ride, Bryan would carry him on the back of his bike. That’s how Max was able to participate in the Wild Pigs Poker Run, a charity event.

  • The biker school brothers

    Max and Alec had a great time taking the motorcycle safety course. They were able to make a figure eight on the first try… not so for their mom.

  • A biker family

    We even rode our bikes once or twice twenty plus miles from our house to St. Jude.

  • Max and Mom. Ready to ride.

    Max used any opportunity to ride his bike and he liked to talk mom into going with him as often as possible.

  • Nicole on back

    Even though Nicole had never been on a bike, she felt safe taking her first ride with her big brother.

  • Our bike mechanics

    So these are all metric fasteners and all we have are SAE tools! No, it's not an Allen head, it's called JIS, and we don't have a driver for that! We don't need torque wrenches, drip some Loctite on it.

  • First car

    Remember your first car? This was Max’s--a Nissan Altima. It was his 16th birthday present and he loved it (not as much as his motorcycle, but it did keep him dry when it rained). He kept it neat and clean and polished it almost as much as his bike.

  • Max and Mary

    On a trip to Orange Beach, Alabama.

  • At the St. Jude half marathon

    Shortly after Max was diagnosed with Fibrolamellar, his mom (I) participated in the St. Jude 1/2 marathon and was able to raise over $5,000 for cancer research.

  • Max and friends

    Good friends hanging out together..Max, Kaitlyn and Jeffrey.

  • Last Day at Germantown Middle School

    May 2011 with Terase, Tony and others

Some pictures that still make us smile

33 commentsMax goes casual while his brother and sister dress up. Max and some of his friends. Having fun.  Max looking very serious on his home-built half pipe!

A video of Max on WREG TV in Memphis Another video of Max on Memphis TV

More photos

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